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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Creating smart digital content platforms, complete with content delivery, practice exercises, and real-time feedback and assessment.

Education Intelligent Platform

The best places for education will bring people, technology and space together in innovative ways

With an influx of new learning models available, traditional educational methods are bound to evolve in the next decade. To get a better sense of where things are heading, Business Insider has taken a closer look at technology’s developing role in the field of education and outlined the advances that could be spelled out for the future.

Overall feedback on both students’ and teachers’ performance

The students can not only be graded by the machines but also given feedback according to the analyzed data and their recent submitted works. Once the machine is taught how to analyze the progress a student is making over time as well as how well they understand different concepts the teachers are showing them, it will be able to assess it. Thus, tutors will know what parts of their job need adjustments. Meanwhile, students will see where they have gaps in knowledge. Moreover, they will see what patterns they need to follow to achieve better results.

Student path prediction

Predict how well a student will do at school and what are their chances of dropping out

Based on the repetitive actions of a student, the program identifies their weaknesses and analyzes whether they can lead to expulsion.

Learning by Paptronics Way

Artificial intelligence has the potential of organizing the content and curriculums in a better way, as it can analyze what works best and which concepts are understood better with certain techniques. As a result, the efficiency of education grows significantly and the students are happy because they get to learn important things in a way that they are comfortable with.